My name’s Helen. Nice to meet’ya. I’m a trainee teacher by day, and a sewist at every other opportunity (which, frankly, isn’t often in this job). I’m obsessed with clothes and design. Your clothes are the first thing about you that tells others who you are, so they’re important. And by making your own, you can be sure to get it right.


OK, so I’m probably not the best sewer on the internet, but that’s part of the fun, right? I’m learning all the time, trying to broaden my skill set with every project, and create a hand-made wardrobe to be proud of. Because contrary to what people think, it’s not all that hard. It’s not ┬áthat easy either, and it’s slow, but it’s really not as difficult as most people think. I mean, if I can do it…

This blog is for sharing my makes, pattern reviews, tutorials and stuff. Every so often you might get a considered and researched article about sewing/fashion/making. More often that that you’ll get 90’s pop culture references and crap pun.

Thanks for reading*

*if you still are…?